About Us

Seed Results is a duly registered Garden company successfully doing business for more than 4 years in the Asia (now going Global). It focuses on supplying premium quality/rare seeds to customers. Being Launched Globally are our Bonsai Best Collection. More Product Launches coming very soon for our global store.

Since its foundation on October 20, 2014, Seed Results has continually progressed and is now one of the premier garden companies in some part of Asia. It still continues to expand mainly by ones satisfied referral to another. From seeds sourcing to pre-launch quality testing, we pride ourselves on our exceptionally high quality premium seeds (Flowers, Fruits, Trees, Vegetables and etc).

Whilst the company continues to adopt modern quality procedures, technology and innovation, it still values and recognizes the blend of traditional skills and methods being necessary to progress and be successful in harmony with nature's constraints.

Seed Results is very optimistic about the future and is continuously improving as it raises the bar of gardening services to its valued clients.